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Online classes with native speaking professors


General English classes are structured and methodological sessions where you will be able to learn new vocabulary and grammar rules and, most importantly, apply it in communication. At the start of the course: Can fulfill most communication goals, even on unfamiliar topics. Can understand the main ideas of both concrete and abstract writing. Can interact with proficient speakers fairly easily. TOEFL (56 -65). On Completion of the course: Can understand a variety of demanding written and spoken language including some specialized language use situations. Can grasp implicit, figurative, pragmatic, and idiomatic language. Can use language flexibly and effectively for most social, academic, and professional purposes. On Completion of Intermediate level course: TOEFL (95) CEFR (B2 – C1). The course consists of Tests, Review lessons, Grammar, Vocabulary and Communication. Homework activities for each class and additional study materials.