Beginner English

Intermediate and Advanced English


Crossroads English was based in 2011 in Santiago, Chile and has been operating as a boutique English Teaching company, providing personalized classes to our individual and corporate clients.

For 9 years we have been adding value to our students’ careers and life goals. Crossroads English priority is responsiveness to our clients’ needs and for this reason in 2020 we are offering a new modern way to learn English.

Our students continuously improve their skills with qualified professors, while integrating agility and flexibility required by professionals today.

Crossroads English Philosophy is based on learning languages the natural way through teacher-student interaction, incorporating Active Learning Methods responsible for 75% of learning effectiveness.

These methods include discussion, implementing information and immediate use of English. We still cover the 25% of Passive Learning Methods, such as grammar rules, crucial for beginner learners, prioritizing communication and speaking skills.

Personalized, Individual 1-to-1 sessions with certified English Teacher.
Course Plans for all levels.
Communicative approach based on teacher – student interaction.

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